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Individual Worship Lessons

These lessons are lessons to be used as a stand alone single day lesson.  Some I will write and some will be from other websites.  It’s like finding treasure every time I find a new lesson someone has written.  It’s a joy to search for the treasure and then share it with you!


Check out thrivingfamily.com at the link bellow to find an entire page devoted to family activities, devotions on the go, meal time devotions, and age specific faith activities.  Great stuff for you to help your little branches grow!




Check out Discover God 4 Kids @ http://dg4kids.com/.  If you go to the link titled family adventures (http://dg4kids.com/family-adventures/road-map/) you will find an entire page of resources you can use in daily lessons and family devotion and worship time.  I love the way it is set up.  For example, if you want to talk to your children about the holiness of God you would click on that link (http://dg4kids.com/attribute/god-is-holy/) and find encouragement for yourself, a memory verse, and links for Activity, Bible Time, Influence Others, Drawing and Drama, & Experience.  You can spend a week or more on each topic with your family using these individual lessons!  The Bible Time alone has days of individual lessons and suggestions that you don’t even have to prepare for (http://dg4kids.com/bible-time/day-one-god-is-holy/).  Wohoo!



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