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Family Worship Lessons

This is where I will post and share Family Worship lessons.  There are 7 day family worship lessons and individual single day lessons as well.  Under the menu on the left side you will find them by topic.   The Resources page holds other ideas, books, and suggested material to use.  There are some great ones out there!


I am writing lessons for family worship because we were looking to add something specific for our family. God kept laying it on my heart to go ahead and start writing them down. So I am attempting this, all the while thinking that I have lost my mind, I mean, I’m not a writer!  But God… .

I felt anxious to teach Gracie about the truths in Scripture.  This gave me a desire to expand on the Biblical topics that we wanted to focus on as a family. I started with anger because it was something we were struggling with at the time.  The 7 day lessons have a lesson for each day of the week.  Repetition is key to hiding it in our hearts!  It’s great to get deeper and deeper into the topic each day.  The activities suggested help to engage them and help them to remember.

I will post as I write for my own personal use and for your use as well, if you desire.   All written here is founded in Scripture. You may use, add, and eliminate whatever you like.  Each family is different and has different things that work for them.  I have so many lessons I want to write and I will be seeking to write as I find the time and inspiration.  At the rate I am going I may have a years worth of lessons by the time I am 80!  But seriously, I hope what has been written and shared so far can be useful for you and your family!   Lord willing our families will bear much fruit for the Kingdom of God!



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