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A Little Bit of Grace

This page has writings that are inspired by parenting experiences with our little Grace “Gracie”.   These “Little Bit of Grace” moments are nothing more than little ordinary parenting moments that God uses to reveal extraordinary truths.   Things shared here are meant to encourage you and sometimes make you laugh.  God can work in anyone and in all moments in life!   “And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28



This “Little Bit of Grace” moment happened a couple of months ago.   It took me a little while to write about it and share.  I’m still amazed each time how God uses ordinary life moments to speak wonderful little bits of truth and grace to us.  It encourages me so much.  This particular moment reminded me of what real love looks like–broken toy love in this instance.  =)  I hope that it encourages you also.

Broken Toy Love

Today I was driving back from the grocery store with Gracie and I noticed that she was playing with a broken toy.  It was a miniature Toothless, the dragon from How to Train Your Dragon that has a wing broken off of it.  She’s had it for a while now, and I was thinking it might be time to toss it in the trash.  I mentioned this idea to her, that maybe it was time to throw it away, especially since she had another one that was just fine.  She said, “Oh mommy, I still love it.  It’s like how God is with us.  He still loves us, even though we are broken.”  I was defeated.  I’m not sure if she had a genuine insightful moment or if she was using her gift of insight to manipulate me.  Either way, she had me there.  What was I supposed to say then?  In my mind I could see the mounds of broken toys collecting in my house–piles and piles of little representatives of God’s love!  My daughter, toy savior of the world.  In all seriousness though, it is pretty awesome that God actually does loves us this way.  Just like Gracie looks at her broken toy with love, God looks at our broken hearts and bodies with love.  She doesn’t see brokenness at all and neither does God because the toy is hers and we are His.  When you belong to Jesus, He sees His Son when He sees you.  That is pretty spectacular don’t you think?  I never grow weary in my need to hear the good news the Gospel brings.

I long to live in a world where people love each other the same way Gracie loves her broken toys.  We tend to avoid brokenness.  We like happiness and perfection and it pleases us to be around it.  If someone is broken, most of the time we would rather distance ourselves from them.  If I just completely “freak out” right in front of you, you will probably want to avoid me the next time you see me.  You may want to avoid me forever!  I would have revealed the brokenness in my heart in a big way and that would make me a lot less easy to love.  If I go through something really terrible and it’s difficult to talk about, you might start to avoid me too.  Brokenness in the world makes us uncomfortable, and we don’t like to be uncomfortable, so we put our comfort ahead of love.  Of course, love is being willing to make yourself uncomfortable for the sake of another.  The kind of blind love Gracie has for her little broken toy is so rare to find from person to person.  I guess this is why Jesus said, “By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” (John 13:35) The kind of love Jesus has, the kind of love God has, is so radical that it will actually tell some one that you are His if they see you love the way He loves.  He loves the undesirables, the messed up, the outcast, the thief, the diseased, the sinners, the broken people.   He loves us!  We are all broken.  We are to love one another not based on who we are, but based on who He is.  I am convicted every single time I am reminded of this truth.  It does not come easily at times.  I read something last week that I didn’t know would relate to this, but it’s a statement made by Corrie ten Boom.  She said this: “When Jesus requires that we love our enemies [or broken people], He gives us the love He demands from us.  We are channels of His love, not reservoirs.”  The best definition I found for channel was “a route through which anything passes or progresses.”  God’s love passes through us to the person for whom it is intended.  What a wonderful image!  What a relief!  It is His love, not ours.  He is able.

I’m still going to work on getting rid of all the broken toys, eventually. That kind of clutter makes me crazy.   I am eternally grateful that God does not get rid of us, but instead He repairs us and makes us like new again in Christ.  Someday He will make all things new! (Rev 21:5)  In the mean time, “He still loves us, even though we are broken.” May we have broken toy love too!


The Things I’m Not Thankful For

So, Gracie’s prayers lately are sounding similar to little science lessons.  Tonight it went something like this, “God, I praise you for all the amazing things you have created.  I praise you for the plants and flowers that give off carbon dioxide.  Thank you for the pollen so that the bees can come and pollinate so that things can continue to survive and so that we can have food to eat.  Thank you for birds that eat insects and bugs, except monarchs, because they are poisonous to the birds because of the milkweed.  Thank you for the birds though, they are so amazing….”  I wish I could remember the rest.  I always have to try so hard to hold in my smile and giggling that I loose focus .  LOL.  After listening to children pray, I am reminded of all the things I am not remembering to thank God for.   =)



Do You Still Love Me?

My sweet Gracie has a very sensitive heart.  It’s a blessing and a struggle sometimes.   She might cry about not wanting to grow up and leave us one day and she also might cry over the stress of not knowing whether she should eat her fish by itself or turn it into a fish taco (life is so unfair sometimes). One of the ways this has affected her is that each time she messes up or does something wrong (sin) she always says the same thing, with tears streaming down, “Do you still love me?”.  I always tell her the same thing.  “Yes!  Of course I still love you. You could never do anything that would make me stop loving you.”  Lately I have been saying, “I wish you would stop asking me that.  You know I love you.  I’ve told you over and over that you could never do anything that would make me stop loving you.”  Today I felt guilty about the impatience that had grown in my heart.  God was trying to show me something and my own sin was getting in the way.  When she looked up at me today I saw her little tears and I asked her, “Is it hard to believe I still love you when you mess up or behave bad?”  The emotion and tears came flooding out and she whimpered out a loud “Yes!”.  I asked her if she felt like she deserved to be loved.  She said, “No!”, with yet another flood of tears.  Then, I realized that I wasn’t acting like I still love her when I got irritated.  Oh man.

My precious little 6 year old girl feels like she is unlovable when she doesn’t live up to her idea (or my idea! = / )of what a “good girl” is.  She feels like she’s not good enough to deserve love.   She knows when she disobeys, does something she is not supposed to do, or is careless, I am not pleased with her.  She sees my disappointment and displeasure and that upsets her.  I admit it takes me a few minutes to move past the moments where she has been “bad”.   My first reaction is to remove my love from her.   I have to mentally tell myself to love her when she is being a little, um, difficult child.  That’s so terrible.  I feel like a terrible mother just thinking about it.  I hope I’m not the only one who has to do that!?  I love her!  I do!  She is my child.  It’s just not the first thing I want to do when she talks back to me or drops a ball from the top of the stairs into the cat litter, just for fun (yes, she did).

Today, I was gently reminded that the need to know we are loved when we sin or mess up isn’t unique to Gracie.   When I get in an argument with my husband we tend to remove love from each other until one or both of us apologize and there is forgiveness.  After all, he doesn’t deserve my love for a little while when he acts that way, right?  We know we should love like Christ and it should be unconditional but our sinful hearts tell us not to at first.  Oh, how similar are my feelings when it comes to how I think God must be with me!  I say I know God loves me (His Word is true, not what I feel. I know this.) but I still struggle with unbelief somewhere in my soul.  Surely God must not feel like loving me when I am a “difficult child”.  He must look at me with displeasure and disappointment.  After all, I have a really hard time loving me when I think about all the things I don’t do right.  Those thoughts are lies, all lies!  Romans 5:8 tells us that,

“but God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” 

God showed us his love for us by sending his son, Jesus Christ, to die for us, while we were sinners, aka “bad” or “difficult” children.   God loves us when we are messing up.  Is that hard to believe?  Yup, because we do tend to make love a condition of good or pleasing behavior so we unknowingly attach that same behavior to God.    When I say good or pleasing behavior I mean keeping God’s commandments but if I’m being honest I think that means just looking like I think I’m supposed to look most of the time or being the kind of woman I think I’m supposed to be.   Like Gracie, I’m not living up to my own idea of what a “good girl” is.  Worst of all, I’m getting my idea of what makes me valuable or lovable from the world.   All people have a sense that something is wrong with them, it’s jokes about our human state that make us laugh so hard on tv shows or movies.  It’s funny but our imperfect, sinful state leaves us feeling lacking and unable to “measure up”.  We look at those around us and we look to God and ask, “Do you still love me?”

God has already told us the truth about all this in His Word.  Romans 3:23 states that “all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.”  God is Holy, and we’re not good enough (fall short), because of our sin, to be with Him.  We don’t deserve His love.  But God has loved us, (does love us!) enough to give His son, Jesus Christ, so that now we have a way to Him.  Once we are in Christ we no longer have to worry about not being good enough for God.  We have forgiveness and our good behavior is not a condition of that forgiveness.   Now, being good or obedient is something we do out of a desire to love our merciful and awesome God.   Wow!  I read the good news of the Gospel and hear the good news of the Gospel all the time and I never react like a should.  We all DO have a DESPERATE need to know that we are loved, just like my Gracie.  We are desperate people!  We are just better at pretending and denying it than children are.  We seek to be loved by:  being the best at our jobs, being the best wife, being the best husband, being the best child, looking good physically, doing all the “right” things, saying all the “right” things, being funny, doing good deeds, etc.

The Gospel is called the good news because it IS good news.  God does love us!  We ARE loved!  That thing you did doesn’t make you unlovable.  That person who doesn’t love you the way you need to be loved doesn’t define your worth. This is good news people!  When you believe in what Jesus has done and you repent and receive His truth into your heart and life you can ask God over and over again, “Do you still love me?” and He will always say, “Yes! You could never do anything that would make me stop loving you.”  The writer Amy Carmichael said, “Our feelings do not affect God’s facts.”  I love this!  This is truth!   1 John 3:20 says ” …for whenever our heart condemns us, God is greater than our heart, and he knows everything.”   Do you know everything?  Do I?  No, absolutely not.  When our hearts do condemn us we really need to stop trusting in what we think we know and stop believing that something we could ever do would be good enough to earn us the love we so desperately need.  Instead we must trust with all our hearts that what Jesus did is good enough because what He did for us IS LOVE and nothing we could ever do is bad enough to take that love away or good enough to make it stronger.  If you are in Christ, when He sees you, He sees His son, and He loves His son.  He loves you!  Believe it!  “God is greater than” your heart!




I’ll be honest.  Home schooling Gracie has been really difficult for me lately.  I’ll sum it up by saying that I have ideas about how our day and our lessons should go, and it almost never goes that way.  Sometimes we have a day where I give Gracie instructions and I tell her exactly what to do for a part of a lesson and she does something else she thinks is better, and it’s wrong.  The first picture of her is following one of these moments.  So sad.  Ironically she is spelling the word “gladly”.  Poor kid.  Today was one of those difficult days too.  We were doing a math lesson.  She was doing well with the concept I was teaching her, and then we put it into practice.  She then had some difficulty and kept making the same mistake again and a again, and again and again, even though she was being told exactly what to do.   I let her know that we were going to practice until she got it because it was important that we didn’t move on until then.  After more mistakes and practice she finally did get it!  I saw her put her hands over her face.  I asked her why she was doing that.  She said she felt bad that she made so many mistakes and that it took her so long to get it.  My frustration left me, my heart softened, and the Holy Spirit opened my eyes.  I told her I was proud of her, SO proud of her because she persevered.  It’s easy for us when we can do things without difficulty, not much is learned.  It’s much harder when we fail again and again and have to fight to keep on trying even though we just want to give up.  Learning how to persevere at Math (at anything) is important.  God is at work in all things.  I realized today that instead of being a frustrated parent I need to get over my expectations and help guide her in how to fight the battles, in how to persevere.  I needed a reminder desperately in what it takes to persevere as well.  What a wonderful word that is, persevere. In the dictionary perseverance is a “steady persistence in a course of action, a purpose, a state, etc., especially in spite of difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement.”   Sound a bit like what it takes to live your life for Christ?  How will she learn how to do this if she doesn’t have practice at it while she is young?  Gracie is training for battle.   We are all fighting spiritual battles every day. There are greater things going on than you or I can imagine.  We do not wrestle with “flesh and blood” (or math in this case) but “spiritual forces of evil”.  I wish I could think with clarity during all of these wrestling matches but I don’t.  I still make mistakes, again and again, and again and again, even though God’s Word tells me exactly what to do.  Sin is still with us.  Like her today, we need to persevere in our failures and struggles and fight, in spite of “difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement,” to live a life for Christ.

There is another definition of perseverance.  Theologically the definition of perseverance is a “continuance in a state of grace to the end, leading to eternal salvation.”  I’m clinging to the this definition today!  This definition should motivate us to fight for the first definition!  Oh friends, I pray that while we fail repeatedly, struggle, wrestle, and fight these daily battles that we will remember the grace that is given to us in Christ Jesus.  It is too wonderful to think about and yet it is truth!  May this truth encourage us and free us to persevere joyfully to “the end, leading to eternal salvation”!

The Whole Armor of God – Ephesians 6:10-20

“Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his might.  Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the schemes of the devil.  For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.  Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand firm.  Stand therefore, having fastened on the belt of truth, and having put on the breastplate of righteousness,  and, as shoes for your feet, having put on the readiness given by the gospel of peace.  In all circumstances take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming darts of the evil one;  and take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God, praying at all times in the Spirit, with all prayer and supplication. To that end keep alert with all perseverance,… .”


Alrighty Then. 

I write a lot about the funny yet profound things that Gracie says.  Kids are funny, they all are.  God is at work in them, they have a sweet faith, and it’s enjoyable to see that and even learn from it.  However, I think it’s only fair that I write every now and then about the lack of profound things too.  For over a month now I feel like Gracie’s heart has been in a pretty self-centered place.  Somewhere around Thanksgiving this happened and honestly, it has been frustrating me.  We normally share a deep spiritual bond and I miss that.  (Selfish me).  I can tell during our talks in the day and during our family worship at night she is unmoved and uninterested.  Not every time, but overall.  Here is a funny example of recent lack of profoundness.

On New Years Eve we sat together as a family and discussed the things that have changed this past year.  We talked about growth, new teeth, loose teeth, gray hairs, new wrinkles, travel, new grades in school, new friends, loved ones passing, etc.  Change is constant right?  In the new year things will continue to change.  That can be fun but it can also be difficult.  Then, we talked about who God is.  He is I AM, constant and never changing.  What a comfort that is in a world where nothing is certain.  God is certain.  He does what he says He will do, He is who He says He is, and His love never changes.  For me this was a great thing to focus on. My heart was stirred within me and it brought deep comfort and hope.  Surely Gracie was moved too.  Chris asked if anyone had any questions after the discussion.  I can’t remember Gracie’s exact wording but she asked something along the lines of, “If I were an animal in the jungle, what kind of animal do you think I would be?”  Ok. Perhaps I was wrong, she was tired and squirmy and obviously went to jungle land in her mind.  Then my niece asks, “Unka, (that’s Chris) how long do you think you will live?”  Alrighty then.  Note to self, when asking if there are questions, make sure to specify that the questions should pertain to the lesson.  They were really funny questions of course and we laughed but they were definitely not profound.  Did they gain anything from the teaching?  Who knows!  I hope so.  If not, that’s ok.  They saw their family discussing who God is and that’s enough sometimes.   I have been trying to be the patient parent just praying and waiting for God to do what he does and work in her little heart.   I go through numb times too where I wonder what is wrong with my own heart so I know it’s a process.  It’s usually when we are struggling with a sin and we are holding on to that sin and not addressing it.  This morning after a week of indulging in staying up too late and eating too much I was not the patient parent I was the past few weeks.  Gracie was acting very very selfish and I pointed it out to her with strong and sharp words.  It needed to be addressed.  We had been lazy and busy parents and had put it off for too long.  She had been focusing on herself, what pleases her, what she wanted, what she felt she needed, and anything that got in her way she got frustrated at, including us.  Judging by our behavior, we had the same issue.  Darn!  She had forgotten her purpose and was not honoring her mother and father or her Heavenly Father.  We reminder her, and ourselves.  She cried a lot.  I will say that when she finally does get convicted of her sin, she feels it deeply for a child her age.  We talked about our sin and the good news of the gospel and we prayed.  She calmed down but still sat in my arms.  Usually, we move on from there.  Today after she calmed down she cried again.  I didn’t understand why.  I know her pretty well and this was not normal.  I asked her why she was crying again.  She said, “I’m crying now because I am so thankful that Jesus died for my sin because I just can’t seem to stop.”  All I could say was, “I’m thankful too.”  A few minutes later after a lot of rocking and snuggling she knew she was loved still and the day went on.

I think we can get frustrated when we don’t see in our children what we think we should be seeing.  We can get frustrated with ourselves, spouses, family, or friends as well.  Watching God work through Gracie’s sin was such a good reminder that GOD IS AT WORK.  He is doing a good work and it doesn’t always show up in spiritually profound moments.  It can take time, difficult time, a lot of time in some instances.  We should be faithful in teaching our children (Deuteronomy 6:7) and remember to trust God to do the work in their hearts.  Sometimes there isn’t a lot of depth or heart change until things get ugly.  Sometimes we really need to see the ugly in ourselves to know and be reminded of how much we need our beautiful Savior.

Alrighty Then!

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever” (Hebrews 13:8).

“By His mighty power at work within us, He is able to accomplish infinitely more than we would ever dare to ask or hope” (Ephesians 3:20).


Sonic Prayer

Gracie and I spent a long time at Walmart the other day.  That place is crazy and it always tests my patience and reveals my selfishness .  Every time I need to be reminded of how much I need Jesus I should just get up and go straight to my car and drive to Walmart.  Gracie and I survived the slowest line on the planet with a training cashier and then we headed to the Sonic across the parking lot to get a giant cup of ice water.   A giant cup of crushed ice and water is a treat for us after we complete a grocery trial.  I was feeling like I kept my patience really well and mentally gave myself a few pats on the back about it.  Then, we pulled up to the sonic drive through line.  There were at least 7 cars.  The parking spots were almost completely full.  I made a decision to go around the long way the arrows told me to in order to use the drive through, which by the time I got around to join had gained another two cars who had decided they were not going to follow the way the arrows told them to.  I let Gracie know the line was long and expressed to her that I wasn’t sure it was worth such a long wait for a couple of cups of ice water.  She was emphatically telling me that was ok, she didn’t mind, and that she was happy to wait up to “90 minutes” if she needed to.  Ok then.  It was almost 4:00pm and I began to calculate how much my time was worth based on everything I still had to do that afternoon.  The list was long and the afternoon was almost over.  I wondered just how much gas I was using waiting in the line.  Ten minutes went by and we were down 3 cars, only 6 more to go.  The ice waters were only going to cost about $50 by my calculations.  Ten more minutes passed and 3 more cars were gone.  In my mind the water was now costing $500 of my invaluable time and I was beginning to vocalize out load to Gracie how I couldn’t believe we were waiting in the line at sonic for 20 minutes for 2 cups of ice water!  I turned to look at her and this is what she said to me.  “Mommy, you shouldn’t be getting angry and impatient. You should just thank God for this extra time to pray instead.”  Oh man.  She really hit me with a Holy Spirit bomb and I knew I wasn’t viewing my situation through the lens of God’s Word.  She was!  I’m an adult, she is “five and three-quarters”, and she was telling me to view that situation as a time to pray.  I admitted I was wrong and that she was so right.  We began to pray for people who were on our heart and enjoy the lovely changing red leaves in front of us in the Wal-Mart parking lot.  I’m pretty sure they are some of the only leaves changing color in all of Pensacola, FL!  One of the Sonic employees, knowing the line was especially slow, walked our waters out to the car for us so we could exit the line quicker.  She apologized for the wait and I told her it was ok and briefly shared what had just happened.   It was a funny and profound part of our day.

I’ve been talking with Gracie over breakfast and lunch this week about what it means to have a Biblical World view and we have been reading a new verse that pertains to this each day.  (See earlier post on Blog Posts page for a fantastic resource to help you do this too.  It’s been great discussion for us both!)  One of the verses we are memorizing and discussing is John 17:17.  There we hear Jesus pray to His Father and He says this, Sanctify them in the Truth; your Word is Truth.”  I can’t stop meditating on this verse this week.   In this situation I shared it applies because I am well aware after a trip to Wal-Mart and a long Sonic line that I am nowhere near perfect and sinless and that sanctification is a process I have not yet completed.  Jesus asked for God to sanctify us “in the Truth” and then he says very clearly, “your Word is Truth”.  I am humbled that such a prayer from Jesus himself is revealed in the Bible.  I am yet again reminded of what it is that transforms the heart and how much I desperately need to stay in the Truth of His Word and I even get to see first hand how the Truth is already at work in the heart of my child, in spite of my sin.  So, bring on the unusually slow grocery lines!  Bring on the $500 Sonic ice waters!  I am being transformed by the Truth and it’s all a part of the process!  =)


Don’t Give Up!

Tonight during our family worship time we had to tell Gracie to get her hand out of her underwear, stop picking her nose, she was distracted and pretending my legs were a bridge, and even yawned multiple times.  This just reminded me to keep it in perspective.  Some days they will get it in a big way.  Other days, they may not seem to be getting anything.  Our job is to teach and guide them and give them an awe of our Heavenly Father.  God takes His Word and He is the one responsible for using it in their little hearts.  Whew!  Amen.  Thankful for that!  So, we will press on and I hope you will too. When they are little it is important enough to just establish the time, language, and the pattern for future family worship.  Don’t give up!  Satan will want to discourage us.


Mr. Leg-L-stic 

I just have to share this Gracie moment because it was too funny. I have been cleaning this morning and she has been running around pretending like she does and I noticed the villain she was running from and planning her escape from was named Mr. Legilstick (Leg-L-stick). I didn’t think much about it because I was busy and odd pretend names are normal in our house. I finally asked her who Mr. Legilstick was? She said, “I have to get away from Mr. Legilstick! He thinks that keeping the law is the only way to Heaven and he’s trying to get me to get off of the narrow path!” “Mr. Legalistic Gracie?” I said. “Oh, yeah, hurry mommy, before he get’s you!” So, yeah, look out for “Mr Legilstick” everyone! He can be sneaky. Pilgrims Progress teaches so much and at the same time makes for great pretend! LOL!

Gracie Quenches the Holy Spirit

So, learning with Gracie over lunch about what it means to “Quench not the Spirit” and talking about how when we choose to sin and ignore God’s Word that is one way we are quenching the Holy Spirit. I ask her if she can think of a way she has done that. She says, “Like the time when I poopied in the My Little Pony teacup because I was curious. I knew I wasn’t supposed to but I quenched the Spirit and did it anyway.” Yes, that is a good example Gracie. And yes, that did happen…recently!  Her example is funny but I have to consider how many times I make that same choice to quench the Spirit also.

Body Slam Sin

Gracie’s prayer tonight. “Dear God, please give me a willing and believing heart. Help me to break my bad attitude, kick it out of the house, and body slam it and throw it into the trash can. AMEN”   I really can’t add to that.  LOL.  It’s a great image of what we should do with our sin.

Don’t Do Badness, and Keep it Holy

Tonight Chris and I were watching Gracie make her little dolls talk to each other. One asked about Jesus and the other explained: “Don’t do badness and keep it Holy.” Yes, this is what she said. So there it is, lesson for the night, “Don’t do badness and keep it Holy” everyone. Then, just 30 minutes later she had a huge meltdown and fit and big time “badness”. Well, Jesus didn’t die for the perfect right? Romans 5:8

Mommy Daughter Meltdown and a Refill on God’s Love

I’m blown away today by how God uses the sin in our lives to remind us of His love and goodness.  This afternoon after Gracie had a bad attitude, which got worse, which caused her to disobey, which caused her to totally melt down about getting spanked which all got to me and I had a total meltdown angry mommy moment.  Not good.  Not pretty.  We were both losing the battle with our sin at the same time.  At some point after 30 minutes of this I held her hands and we just began to pray.  At first all I said was, Jesus help us.  Quickly calm came over us and our hearts were still.  I was blown away at how acknowledging our sin together and humbling ourselves before God could transform that horrible series of moments.  I cried and she cried.  We talked about our sin and how out of control it can get.  She saw that I was still sad and she said, “It’s ok Mommy.  Remember when we went to get your prescription today?  When Satan comes in and takes our love away, we can go to God and get our prescription.  We can get a refill on His love.”  What!?  Did she really just make that analogy?  I wanted to cry. I have been praying for her heart and this was a moment that God used to break through to us both.  When the Holy Spirit works it blows me away.  And yes, what she said is so right.  I told her that we needed a refill of God’s love today.  Thank you God for Jesus who takes away our sin and refills us with his goodness and love!

Keep Daddy from Getting Sucked up into a Tornado

Gracie’s prayer for Chris before he left for his trip back to Pensacola tonight. “Dear God, please be with Mommy…wait, never mind. Dear God, Please be with daddy and keep him safe while he drives home tonight and please help him not to get sucked up into a tornado. Amen.”  He did not get sucked up into a tornado.

Share the Gospel and Keep Some Too

Gracie’s little children’s lesson on the Gospel tonight led her to pray tonight that we would “share the gospel with everyone and keep some for us too.”  LOL.  I agree, we too often forget to preach the Gospel to ourselves.

We’re Daddy’s Servants

From Gracie’s mouth to your ears. She was asked tonight, ” Gracie, what do you think about before you go to sleep at night?” She replies with “green pastures, sheep, and having servants.” Then she says, “Can I have servants one day?” We look at each other and think, o boy, we are in for it, she is going to be so rotten. Then 20 minutes later she asks me what a servant is. I’m thinking, whew, not as bad as I thought. So, I told her a servant serves others and might cook for them, clean for them, do jobs that need to be done. She then says smiling, “Mommy, we’re daddy’s servants!” (Bwahahahaha!) I replied, “Yes dear we are supposed to have a servant’s heart like Jesus did.” Chris is extra nice tonight. ; )


  1. Nancy Scipione says:

    I am so proud of your family, you, Gracie, and what you have done with that special little life!!!


  2. Karen Mabie says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your stories and insights into the Holy Spirit’s work in your lives. Inspiring!


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