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Fighting the Biggest Battle of our Life! How do we do it?


The Battle

Back in May our pastor, Joel Treick, gave a sermon on how we are fighting the biggest battle of our life.  He talked about a famous boxer, Buster Douglas, and how he beat Mike Tyson in the biggest boxing match of his life.  You can google this fight if you have never heard about it and see what a big deal this was.  How did this upset and unlikely victory occur?  To quote Joel, “He had inspiration and preparation, he perceived and he believed.”   He had the inspiration of his mother who had recently died, and he prepared by studying his opponent.  We are in the biggest battle of our life right now!  We don’t like to think about it and we lie to ourselves often to ignore it, but the battle is real.  We are fighting against Satan, the enemy of God’s people.  So, how to we do it?  We too need inspiration and preparation.

How Do We Fight?

As a family, how can we equip ourselves and our children to fight this battle?  It’s hard.  It can be exhausting!  But there is help!  We have the Word of God!  We have the battle inspiration of knowing our God and our Savior, and we can prepare for the battle by knowing our enemy and his tactics.  During the sermon, (which you should really go and listen too at http://www.pinewoodschurch.org/resources/sermons/resist-the-devil/)  these two amazing resources put out by Children Desiring God came to mind right away.  We have used them in the past, and after this sermon we were motivated to study them together.  They are God’s Names and  God’s Battle  by Sally Michael.  I love them for many reasons, but the top reasons are they teach who God is (inspiration), and they teach how to fight the sin struggles and battles in our hearts (preparation).  I also love that you don’t even have to prepare ahead.  You just pick up the book and begin reading and teaching.  They are wonderful resources!

Get inspiration!

God’s Names will encourage and help you and your family to know who it is that is our source of inspiration.  There are lies about who God is that we hear from the outside world every day, and there are the subtle lies we hear on the inside in our minds as well.  Fight back with who God says He is!  Fight back and get inspired with truth!


God’s Battle will encourage and help you and your family to know the enemy and his tactics.  Satan is the accuser and the enemy of the truth.  He knows we struggle with obedience, belief, pride, self, fear, rebellion, etc.  This book has encouraged me so much this week to not give up and to keep fighting.  I’m so thankful they are in my house as a reminder and a resource!  Fight back and prepare for the battles by knowing your enemy and his tactics!  Fight back by knowing your sin struggles and learn what you can do and what God has done to help you battle them!

I hope you will buy these resources right now if you don’t already have them, and I hope that they will encourage you and empower you as they have our family.  You are not fighting these battles alone!   “…for He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world.” (1 John 4:4)