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Parenting Means Wrestling Demons

Parenting Means Wrestling Demons 


This article on desiringgod.org was really encouraging in spite of the title.  Here are a few quotes to entice you.

“You thought parenting would be easier than it is.  Yes, you did.”

“There is a war on children, and we are all, in one way or another, playing some role in it. Every time we move forward as faithful parents (or care for kids in any capacity, including advocating for the voiceless not-yet-born, and volunteering for nursery duty on Sundays), we are wrestling demons — because there is little the demons hate more than little children.”

“When we know we’re wrestling demons, disobedience doesn’t surprise so much as obedience does.”

It’s worth the battle! Be encouraged at how much Jesus loves children.  Keep teaching and keep fighting!