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I just wanted to share this encouraging article on Desiring God’s website today.


Five Ways Children Will (can) Change the World

by giving them:

1. A Hungry Passion to Meet God in His Word
2. A Prayerful Dependence on God in Everything
3. A Contagious Gratitude to God for Everything
4. A Happy Faithfulness to Your Local Church Family
5. A Compassionate Heart for World Missions

“At what other point in life do we have such a convenient opportunity to teach, model, rebuke, and encourage the characteristics we desire to see in another person? We have tiny disciples living right under our roof. We so often talk about the ministry we’re doing with others — discipleship over coffee or another Bible study — but what about at our own breakfast table?”

Click to read the full article. I’m just showing the outline and a quote…to draw you in.  ; )

New Book Resources! SEEDS Free Shipping!


I wanted to share a few things with you all starting with this article from TIm Challies, 6 Great New Books for Kids.  I’m especially excited about The Biggest Story: How the Snake Crusher Brings Us Back to the Garden by Kevin DeYoung and God’s Gospel by Jill Nelson.   The entire series by Jill Nelson you can find at http://www.childrendesiringgod.org.  They are a wonderful resource and we have gone through 4 of them so far as a family.

Click here to see all 6 books from the article:   6 Great New Books for Kids.

 I’m so thankful for the help of these talented teachers and writers!   Parents, don’t give up teaching your children the Word of God!   It can be discouraging when they aren’t paying attention or when you ask them about something profound and they respond by telling you that they like elephants.  I’ve been there. One time during one particular family worship lesson we had to tell our daughter to stop picking her nose, licking the table, and to get her feet off of us.  Persevere!  Keep going.  Pray for patience and keep teaching!  The Word of God does not return empty.  (Isaiah 55:11)

Read this article by Voddie Bauchman Jr. for some encouragement, conviction, and motivation.  http://www.familylife.com/articles/topics/parenting/foundations/spiritual-development/its-up-to-parents-to-teach-children-gods-word

“Contrary to popular belief, the home—not the church—has been entrusted with the primary responsibility of teaching children the Bible. In our age of professionalism we tend to hire out virtually every parental responsibility. We want Johnny to succeed at sports, so we hire a professional for private lessons. We want Susie to get into a good college, so we hire a special tutor to boost her SAT score. We want our children to be upstanding citizens and Christians, so we hire a children’s pastor or youth minister.

There is nothing wrong with wanting our children to succeed (as long as we have a biblical view of success). Nor is there anything inherently wrong with seeking help when we need it. However, we have gone beyond seeking help to abdicating our responsibility.”

Truth.  We tend to follow the culture and what’s normal in our culture becomes normal for us.   Let’s not be afraid to break the trend.  Establishing a Family Worship time is a great way to make Biblical teaching a regular priority.  There are so many great resources available to help us with this joyful task.  Check out the books and websites page to learn more about some of them.

On another note, Seeds Family Worship has free shipping all this week!  If you haven’t starting listening to their music this is a great time to start.  God’s Word put to great music!  I love this ministry and their work has blessed our family and my heart in so many ways.  Check them out here:  www.seedsfamilyworship.com.  Check out their free resources as well!


That’s it for now!  Praying that we can fight the good fight so our children will know Truth and that we will be motivated by a deep love for God who has loved us “beyond all measure”!