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SEEDS is having a great sale!


I just wanted to put it out there that SEEDS Family Worship is having a BIG birthday sale!  The CD’s are only $9.97 each and they are buy one get one free.  If you haven’t purchased them yet this is great time to do so.  Give the extra ones to friends or give them as birthday or Christmas presents.   They are wonderful!  They have DVD’s now as well.

We have been able to fill our home with God’s Word with the help of this ministry.  We have memorized together as a family and it has been such a blessing. We are singing it out loud and in our hearts all the time.

I’m attaching a video of Gracie saying Psalm 1 from a couple of months ago.  She had a cold and had just lost two teeth.  It was really cool for all of us to spend a couple of weeks talking about the meaning of each part of the Psalm and it brought new depths and meaning to the passage, even if she did say that sinners will not stand “in the conjugation of the righteous”.  LOL.  =)


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