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Great Great resource! Lessons! Coloring Pages! Games!

I am really excited to share this wonderful website and ministry!

It’s http://ministry-to-children.com


I was searching for a coloring sheet for a Christmas lesson we were doing as a family and when I came across this website I was so excited. You will find so many things that can help you as you endeavor to teach your children about our God and His Word.  Much of the website is devoted to helping those in children’s ministry but if you are a parent, you ARE in children’s ministry so I feel it is all useful.  Things that were written for Sunday School lessons may need to be summarized for a family lesson but can still prove very helpful as a guide to discussing Scripture.  You will find loads of coloring pages, worksheets, and game ideas as well.  Sometimes we need a little help to be fun at home as we teach.  Sometimes we need A LOT of help!

Want to talk about the Super Bowl? There is a lesson for that.  http://ministry-to-children.com/super-bowl-kids-message/

Want family devotions for Snowy Winter days? Yup, they have that.  http://ministry-to-children.com/five-snowy-day-family-devotional-ideas/

Want to practice handwriting as you talk about what love really is on Valentine’s Day? Cool! http://ministry-to-children.com/love-is-1-corinthians-134-8-letter-tracing/


Want to talk about sickness?  We’ve been really sick in our house this winter.  Just for curiosity I searched on their website with the word sick and found “Free Lesson Plan:  Jesus is Greater Than Sickness.”  http://ministry-to-children.com/jesus-heals-the-sick/

Have a child that likes bugs and insects like us?  Here are family devotion ideas based on creepy crawly things. =) http://ministry-to-children.com/creepy-crawly-family-devotions/

There are so many resources available on this website.  There were devotions for summertime, for when you travel to big cities, and even a pirate themed devotion.  I have had so much fun searching.  They will be great for your use in Children’s Church, Sunday School, and at home.  If you type in Family Devotions in their search engine you will be able to view things written for Family Devotions specifically.

Enjoy and share!  S.D.G  Soli Deo Gloria!

Will Our Children Know What Truth Is?


Jill Nelson at Children Desiring God shared a great exercise on December 16th you can do with your children, younger or older, to discuss what truth is.  It is based on a blog on Ligonier Ministries website (The Moment of Truth:  Its Reality – by Steven Lawson).

I wanted to wait to share it because December can be crazy and starting off a new year focused on the truth sounds very appropriate.  What an important thing to talk about with our children.  What an important thing for us to remember as well!

Will Our Children Know What Truth Is? by Jill Nelson

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Truth Is Divine, Truth Is Absolute, Truth Is Objective, Truth Is Singular, Truth Is Immutable, Truth Is Authoritative, Truth Is Powerful, & Truth Is Determinative.  

In her article she summarizes these eight points for you to help you in your discussion.