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Motivation! Raising Kids With A Kingdom Perspective

Raising Kids With A Kingdom Perspective


This is a motivating and encouraging interview/discussion with Pastor Tony Evans on the Focus on the Family website.  It’s not very long and well worth it to listen.   http://www.focusonthefamily.com/media/daily-broadcast/raising-kids-with-a-kingdom-perspective-pt1

We’re here at the ending of one year and the beginning of a new one!   It’s a great time to begin a daily family worship/devotion time.  (Note: This particular discussion is focused on parents with kids but even if you don’t have children it’s a great time to start a family worship/devotion time.  God’s Word is active in the heart whatever the size and shape your family is!) 

“Far too many parents are more interested in their kids making THE TEAM than making THE KINGDOM.” -Dr. Tony Evans-

Ouch!  This really is what our culture is focused on.  We are so willing to give hours to school, sports, dance, music, etc. daily and not to the regular study of God’s Word together.  We start preparing them for college and careers the day they are born practically!  Are we preparing them for the skill of life?  It is too easy to be busy and unaware of how much of our worldview is shaped by our culture.  We even model our marriages and families according the norms of our culture instead of according to Scripture and how God designed families to be.  In the discussion, Pastor Evans discusses his experience in putting together a bike without the instructions.  He was feeling smart and well educated at the time.  He felt he could do it on his own but it wasn’t going well.  It wasn’t working and it was taking a long time.  His wife asked him if he had thought about using the instructions and said,  “Maybe the bicycle maker knows more about bicycle assembly than you do.”  It’s a simple, funny, and profound statement.  God is the maker of the family (of us!) and we’ve left God’s instruction manual to the side, yet we keep wondering why the bike (family) isn’t working properly?  Hmmm.

Let’s get the instruction manual (God’s Word) out with our families every day!  Our maker knows more about how we work and what we need than we do!  Through it all, to God be the glory!


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