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From grouchy to glory – Individual lessons

I woke up this morning kind of grouchy and very tired.  I got Gracie’s breakfast ready and then started eating mine.  My computer was on the counter and I wanted to spend some time in God’s Word together but was unsure about where to start today.  Honesty, I just wanted to zone out and roam the internet and postpone the day as long as I could.  I figured, hey, I made a website to help with this!  So, I went to wearethebranchesfamilyworship.com and clicked on the Individual Lessons page since that is what I was looking for.  I saw the Discover God 4 Kids @ http://dg4kids.com/ link and remembered how great the lessons were.  I clicked on the link about the holiness of God (http://dg4kids.com/attribute/god-is-holy/) and went to the letter “B” for The Bible Time (http://dg4kids.com/bible-time/day-one-god-is-holy/) and started teaching “Part 1 : God is Holy – Through and Through“.  The lessons are written so you can just sit down and begin.  Wohoo!  So thankful for resources to help us stay in The Word and grow!  Give them a try!  There are 4 more days of discussing the holiness of God I can still do with Gracie in the morning.  She loved the story, questions, discussion, and we started memorizing the verse.  She even suggested afterwards that we sing “Holy, Holy, Holy”  so we did that too.  We had ourselves a family worship time this morning!  We did what God made us to do and it turned our grouchy morning into a time of giving our God the glory He deserves.  



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