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thrivingfamily.com activities & devotions!

Do you know about this resource online from Focus on the Family @ thrivingfamily.com? It’s great! They have things for the entire family. There is even a page dedicated to family activities, devotions on the go, meal time devotions, and age specific faith activities. Check it out! Great stuff for you to help your little branches growhttp://www.thrivingfamily.com/Additions/family-faith-archive.aspx



Here is a sample devotional on accepting differences.

Family Devotion: Accepting Differences by Karen Schmidt

Talking to God

Ask God to show you people in the body of Christ who are different from you. Pray that you will accept and respect them.

Diving In 

Play a quick game of “Who Am I?” Rather than guessing people by name, explain that you will be guessing types of personalities (shy, inquisitive, mature, goofy).

Write different personality types on slips of paper. Drop the slips in a bowl. Then have each family member draw one. Take turns acting in character as other family members ask questions to figure out the personality type you are pretending to be.

Going Deeper

Talk with your child about how the different personalities your family acted out could complement one another. God created each of us with unique personalities, and our differences can draw us closer to one another and to God.

Jesus connected with people of all kinds. His closest friends included the passionate and sometimes short-tempered Peter, the loyal and devoted John and the pessimistic and wavering Thomas. Jesus said in Mark 3:34-35 that whoever does the will of God is His family. To be like Jesus, we must choose to accept all who make up the body of Christ. Respect for our differences has the potential to bring us together to serve Him.

Talking to Each Other

  • What kinds of people tend to frustrate you? Why do you think they are hard for you to accept?
  • How can you show acceptance to people in the body of Christ who are different from you?

Finishing Well

“My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.” (John 15:12)


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